Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Secret Sister Week 3

Wow!! I can hardly believe week three of our Secret Sister exchange has come and gone already!! I am so behind in posting the wonderful goodies I have been receiving! My SS sent me 4 sheets of Stickopotamus stickers, a bunch of really cute pink ribbon, a piece of ribbon that says "Made Especially for You" on it and another beautifully hand colored card! That really seems to be her speciality!
This would be a great Valentine's Day card!! So sparkly and glittery!!
Isn't the coloring fabulous??
And the paper is either handmade or mulberry or something! It's fantastic!!
Hmmm...who shall I use it for???? {grin}

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  1. Sheri just so you know this paper that I used is straight from South Africa. My friends husband makes all the paper and they have a little cottage where they sell it.

    aka TA