Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Supporting Compassion International through my Ebay sales

I'm clearing out my book collection among other things. Trying to make a little money on the side. Along the way I discover I can support Compassion International {or any other charity I choose, pretty much} through my Ebay sales. Very cool! Ebay has gotten a lot ore user friendly since the last time I did any selling there. I've had periods of buying, periods of selling, periods of buying... lol. I think I'll be selling for a while. Please go check it out and spread the word....


Sunday, July 8, 2012

52 in 2012

Well, I am finally starting on my goals for the year. I finished reading two fiction books: The Help and Inkheart. Both were much better than the movies, of course. However, I do feel compelled to watch Inkheart again to see just how different it is from the book. The Help was much more heart wrenching than the movie. If you have seen the movie and enjoyed it, you should definitely read the book, and then loan it to a friend! Next on my list is a classic, haven't chosen one yet.

I also made a couple of playlists in iTunes to help motivate me to get things done around the house, like house cleaning and exercise. I have found that I get a lot more done when I have music playing. Certain music motivates me for different things. Serious housecleaning requires country music of Christian rock. ;) Right now my playlists are several hours long so I have to go through them and cut out songs that just don't..... make the cut....lol. Then I will transfer some of them to either my phone or my mp3 player and see how well they help me.

Till next time!