Wednesday, September 5, 2007

thank you's and other neccessities of life

Well, I am now able to drive after three weeks of being off for my ankle surgery. There were so many people who stepped up to help me during my three weeks of "convalescent" time, I made some cards for them. Each one was made especially for the individual, so they are all unique. I also had a friend who suffered quite a few life losses in a very short time, so I made a card for her. I like to post all my cards in the spirit of sharing creativity. God gave me the gift and it would be wrong of me to hoard it. So, feel free to copy my ideas for the benefit of others!

The next two pictures are the inside of the red Thank you card. I used the rose stamp tag to cover the ribbon used for the thank you tag on the outside of the card.

Most of my stamps are Stampin' Up, as are my ink pads. Most of my cards stock comes from Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby, I don't know color names. My idea of you copying is to get a general idea and then personalize it. That is why I haven't posted exact directions. If you're curious about a particular stamp set, I can let you know the name of it.

Cards for Soldiers

Here are some of the cards I've made to send to soldiers for birthdays and other occasions....

This particular card I made from a card front I received from someone else. But you can use it (like all of mine) for ideas. :)