Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Review: Not A Whisper by Donna B. McNicol

--> This author makes characters come to life in a fashion similar to Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. The characters are so real you feel like you are a part of the small town of Klondike, PA where friends are like family and family can still be friends. The novel opens with an epilogue that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and keep you on the alert for clues throughout the entire book. Just when you think you have it figured out, there is a twist in the story line that sends you reeling and wondering where you are. I have never laughed as much when reading a mystery as I did with this book. You see a new love blooming while an old love is still simmering and all this amongst mystery, suspense, romance and comedy!

And the author is even giving away a free behind the scenes glimpse into the lives of the people of Klondike! It is a free PDF download, The Klondike Kompanion. http://www.donnamcnicol.com/author/wp-content/uploads/2013/Klondike-Kompanion.pdf

Monday, December 17, 2012

Product Review : Gillette® Venus® Embrace®

I was recently accepted as a product tester with Inflenster and one of the first items they sent to me was the Gillette® Venus® Embrace®  razor. One of the coolest things about this razor is that all the blades are interchangeable!! Influenster was kind enough to include both an Embrace®  blade and an Olay blade in my box and I tried them both. First I tried the Embrace®  blade, twice. I think I had been using this blade for a while on the past but upon trying to purchase it at the store could not remember which one it was, so I resorted to using my husband's razor. When I had the opportunity to once again use the Venus® Embrace® , it was a whole new world!

The Venus® Embrace®  is lightweight and formed to fit in a woman's hand. There is no need to apply extra pressure, the razor and blade are the correct weight needed to apply the proper pressure needed to shave a womans' legs. The blades glided effortlessly over my legs, and gave me a great shave, even with several days growth. The first day I used the Embrace I was in a rush and had to do a quick shave. Normally under these circumstances, I would end up with nicks and/or razor burn. This did not happen with the Venus® Embrace®. The second time I used it, I got the same wonderful results.

Then I tried the Venus® handle with the Olay blade and was astounded! There are moisture bars on each side of the blades which release skin conditioners to help get a better shave. These bars float on some sort of spring mechanism and move at the slightest pressure, to glide effortlessly on every curve. I felt like I had a new toy after attaching this to my Venus® handle!! Once again, I had several days growth on my legs when I tried this blade for the first time and got an amazing shave. I could feel the moisturizers being laid down on my skin as I shaved.

The second time I used the Olay blade, I tried it "dry," without the soap I usually use to shave with. I was amazed that I was still able to get a good shave, only missing parts that I couldn't see because I did not have my contacts in! This blade is truly amazing and I will continue to use it and report back how long it lasts. I do not know how water will affect the moisture bars, if rinsing will make them shrink or not.

Another thing I noticed about both of the blades is that I did not need to rinse them as often as with the previous razor that I had been using. So far my opinion is that the Embrace®  is great for everyday use and the Olay would be great for people in drought conditions. I say this because as I mentioned previously, I do not know if the Olay blade will not last as long due to the potential shrinkage from water. I plan to continue to compare the two and report back.