Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Courtney's RAK ~ February

I already received my RAK for February!! Can you believe it?? My partner is sooo on the ball!! I am still trying to get hers out!! And she sent me soooo much good stuff it's amazing! I could barely fit it all in one picture!! (actually I didn't, I had to take lots more - haha!!) But I'll start with one.

There's a gorgeous card, a pack of DP, two sheets of stickers with expressions and one sheet of gold Happy Birthdays. Then there's a whole bunch of images she stamped for me!! Cute little teddy bears, bunnies, little girls with pudgy cheeks, a flower and Hedgie!!! My first ones ever!!! He's sooooo cute!!!! I got close ups........

Isn't she sweet???

And Hedgie is sooooooo cute!!!!

Oh, that's just darling!!!

The teddy is so cute!! And I forgot about the little guy in the pumpkin!!

More cute teddie, and bunnies below.....

Oooh, the pretty flowers.....

Now I have to go get something proper to color them all with.......

What a gorgeous card!! I love all the layering!!
And the flower is such a nice touch, just the right size, not too much, not too little.
It looks very vintage, like 1920's maybe - or something ike that. Wow!!

The coloring is ewxquisite!! Wow! If I ever get this good, well, I'll be very happy to say the least!! She is just beautiful!
Thank you so very, very much Nikki!! You have been incredibly generous!!!


  1. So glad you are happy Sheri...that makes me happy too.
    The little girl is Tilda by the way!

  2. Wow, you're one lucky girl! I'm so glad you enjoyed the RAK club for February!

    Nikki, you're one sweet lady!

  3. Ooooh you are so happy and it shows. Wonderful and you have a really nice RAK friend. It is always nice to get Happy Mail. I am on the RAK club too. Have a wonderful day

  4. WOW lucky you!! Quite the nice little stash!
    Can you email me (I don't have your address...) and I can get you the html code for the button!!
    Thanks Sheri!

  5. You've been "caught" by Queen Kat Designs...you're now entered in February's Draw! Good luck!

  6. Wow! Lucky girl!!!! Those are awesome!!!

  7. I wanted to let you know that I have posted the RAK partners on my blog. Please click on your partner's name and get her information... and happy RAKing!

  8. These are so cute!!! Looks like you will be having LOTS of fun coloring (my favorite), hehehe.

  9. I saw on SCS that today (Feb 13) is your birthday so...


    Hope it's a day full of fun!


  10. These are awesome!!! So glad you found my blog and got some restless legs advice. It's such a pain in the butt! I think mine mostly acts up from stress...