Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Snow

Well, we are getting our first real snow of the season. Here is the scene outside the youth office:

The only people here, from left to right by vehicle are Rob, Chris, myself, and Matt. Why we are here, I don't really know... ;)

Oh, wait - I think I see someone else's car over there to the right. Probably the poor facilities guy who is trying to plow the parking lot.

Season's change, so do lives. Our lives have gone through quite an overhaul the last few years. The separation from Vance in Feb/Mar 2008 - divorce final Sep 2008. Becoming a single parent family. Ryan entering public school - and high school all at once. Me going back to work full time in retail, then leaving that in Jan 2009 to return to The Keene family as their nanny. Summer 2009 brought me back to part time nanny. And by Aug 2009 I was back in school finishing my last two semesters towards my Bachelors degree.

Wow!! Exciting, crazy, hectic and yes, stressful! We moved from the mobile home into a townhome about 6 miles away. It's nice, but I still don;t have everything unpacked and it's been over a year since we moved! I started working full time just two weeks after moving, so it's not been a real high priority... ;)

The Veteran's Administration is paying for my school - tuition, fees, books - the whole deal! It's through their vocational rehabilitation program. Since my epilepsy has gotten to the point where, ethically, I cannot be responsible for someone else's life (nursing, childcare), I qualified to be re-trained in something I can do that will not be affected by my disability (my epilepsy). I also just found out that I have enough eligibility time that they will send me to school for my Master's Degree, as long as I enroll in a program that completes in 1-2 years!! So, next Aug/Sep, I will be going to school for my Master's in Social Work! Simply Amazing!!

Ryan is having a bit of a hard time in school. We are going to go back to homeschool with extra curricular activities at his current high school. I'm enrolling him today in a private school that is run through the Christian Home Educators of Colorado. Then we just need to get some curriculum and get him going.....

Meanwhile back at the farm.... God has blessed me, us, with an amazing man! Kenn Waddell, from Colorado Springs. We met through a Christian online dating site. We are very similar in personality, likes/dislikes (except he doesn't like black olives, so sad! lol), theological beliefs, values, character traits and communication styles. He is very easygoing, he listens without judging, he believes all people have intrinsic value and worth. He feels that you earn respect, you do not demand it. He is loving and kind, funny and talented. I can talk to him about anything, and I do!

We have plans to go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving where he will meet my parents and siblings as well as my aunt and uncle who are Ryan's godparents. Than at Christmastime, we will travel to Cleveland, where Ryan and I will meet his father and siblings. We will also travel from there to Cincinnati to see my brother's family again and on to NH for him to meet my paternal family most of whom I have not seen in 17 years! I am soooo excited to go to NH!!!

Well, I guess this is a pretty good update for now. I will try to keep this more updated than I have been, but I make no promises. I am very active on Facebook. You can catch me there..... ;)

In His Hands,