Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WCS28 ~ With Sympathy

Over at Fresh and Fun, Beate released her regular weekend sketch for us to play around with. I am probably the latest to post mine. :) Unless some early bird gets up and posts theirs before 9 am. But I knew I wouldn't be up that early!

I had a bit of trouble with this one, since I don't have any circle or oval punches or embellishments. Luckily I do have some stencils for cutting photos. So, I thought about using those to make layers. What I used for the embellishment - well, that was originally a machine made card. ;) I put the stencil over it, traced and cut! It looks like there's a big wrinkle in the paper, but there really isn't. It must be y poor photography. ;)

I unfortunately had need of a sympathy card. So, I made this one especially for her. One of my dearest friends lost her younger (teen) sister this past weekend. It is still being sorted out. Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

1 comment:

  1. I am sorry you had to make this card!
    Your center image is beautiful!
    Hugs and smiles