Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old cards...

I am so behind on posting cards I have made, I am just going to put up a bunch of pictures with a little description. :) These are all cards I made to use for soldiers' birthdays and other occasions. Some times I get the request for the birthday card so close to the birthday, that by the time the card will reach the soldier, it will be late. So all of these are your basic "blank" cards. They are patriotic or at the very least not feminine in design and they might say "hello" or "thinking of you" on the front, but no actual "Happy Birthday" ones.

I made them in sets of four or five with pre-made cards and envelopes. I was trying to get a bunch made up so I could be better prepared when the requests for cards come in and not fall behind. :) I got this great lighthouse stamp that I thought would be really good for all the masculine cards I need to make. So I made a bunch with it. Slight variations.....

I also like to use nature stamps in my cards for guys. Trees, leaves, etc., as you can see. When I ran out of the lighthouse images I had stamped, I made these with the rest of the pre-made cards.

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