Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rosey Our Foster Kitty

She appeared one evening on our porch. We had heard about her from the neighbors down the street. They had reported seeing a small Maine Coon looking cat that had been injured somehow. They said it smelled bad, was terribly matted, held it's head crooked and walked kind of sideways. They called it "Sideways kitty." They managed to capture it so I could bring it down to the Max Fund No-Kill Animal Adoption Center, but it was not to be. I was unable to get confirmation regarding our cat capacity. Our friends let the sideways kitty go and it disappeared for several months.

August 20th, she showed up at our place. I was recuperating from ankle surgery, but made it out to the porch where Vance was getting acquainted with her. She didn't look as bad as our friends had described, but we were pretty sure it was her. They had described her as looking like a baby "Tigger" (a neighborhood cat) and she definitely looked like Tigger coulda' been her daddy. She was a tiny thing, not smelly, but certainly matted, and starving. Vance and I gave her some food and some loving and decided to see what would happen. By the third night, we had agreed that we would put her in Harley's kennel and bring her to MaxFund.

We got her down there the next day, but they were too full and could not take her. Since Ryan and I are volunteers there, they asked us if we could hold onto her over the weekend, when they were having a big adoption event. They figured they would have room for her after that. So, she came into our house on Thursday August 23. She stayed until the next Tuesday, then she went to the shelter for treatment.

Rosey taking over the nurse's station at MaxFund

She had definitely been hit by a car. She had neurological deficits, she seemed to have some hearing and sight loss on one side and she has serious balance issues. We had bathed and groomed her, but she was still a pitiful looking thing. She stayed at MaxFund for about 2 weeks. She started out doing better with treatment, but after a while got depressed (we think, it's somewhat typical)and stopped eating. So we brought her home at 4.25 pounds. She quickly found a favorite spot.......

She has since moved up to 5.5 pounds and most recently 6.25 pounds. She is doing so much better and looking so much better than when she first came to be with us. The transformation is amazing!! I will try to find an old picture and post some before and after shots but for now all I have are pics of her looking good! :) She finally has gotten past her need for pure survival and has begun to play. She races around chasing nothing, as well as the various cat toys we have that the older boys have given up on.

She still has problems with vomiting from time to time. And when she gets that way she gets nauseous and doesn't want to eat, so she needs special treatment. Our latest adventure has been giving her shots of anti-nausea medicine. Hopefully that won't last long since she has started eating again (after 2 days without!!).

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