Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ryan's 13th Birthday aka The All Night Party!!!

It was great! I went as a chaperone. They all sang a special song to Ryan for his birthday. It's a middle school yoth group tradition. It's a birthday dirge.

The kids had pizza for dinner, then we went to Laser Quest. When we came back we played a game of Live Clue where the youth pastor got murdered and all us leaders played different parts. The kids got divided into teams and had to solve the murder. Ryan's team won and they each got $5. We cut and shared his birthday cake (a full sheet!), had snacks, then moved into 3.5 hours of "free" time.

There was a movie in the sanctuary, sports in the gym, or video games in the fellowship hall. Yes, Ryan was playing video games. He said afterwards that it didn't seem like 3.5 hours. Last year at the all nighter, a lot of the kids fell asleep. This year, we had it so jam packed with activities that out of 90 kids, less than 10 fell asleep and only 4 did so purposely, in the sleep rooms. Ryan was not one of them. :)

The next day, while Ryan and I slept, Vance went to the sporting goods store and bought us an inner tube type sled. Ryan and I had gone sledding on New Year's Day and discovered that what works well for a young child doesn't work so well for an adult (can you say bruised tailbone? OW!)

So we got this great thing here!

And away we went to check out the sled hill by the house!

I took some pics of Ry, Vance tried to get some pics of me and I of course took some pics of the scenery. ;)

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