Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Ryan does electronics/electricity project stuff with Vance. Vance loves teacing him this stuff, since he's loved it since he was a little kid and it's been his career field for so long. And Ryan loves that he can make something that works, turns on and lights up from a "paper clip and chewing gum." Haha!

I take Ryan and Harley to dog training classes on Wed. nights. At the last major turn before the fairgrounds, Harley knows where we are going and starts going nuts. He loves it! Well, he loves seeing the people and the dogs. He also loves the chicken jerky treats he only gets during training! ;) But he hates the cold concerte floor! He balances on his tail most of the time instead of completely sitting down. It's pretty hilarious!

Ryan is enrolled in several outdoor/wildlife projects so we go to several places for these types of activities. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in the middle of Denver, has a lot of really great free programs, that's where we were at this day.

Ryan was "helping" the cattails spread their seeds.

We had been to a photography program and were walking around the lake afterwards.

He took some really good pictures that day. . . . .

The outdoor/wildlife projects he's in are:
Wildlife: Small Game
Outdoor Adventures: Camping
Outdoor Cooking and Living

This one I call "Ryan's harem"
but don't tell him I said that, lol!

We also go to Barr Lake State Park in Brighton, where we are volunteers. They have a lot of great free programs too!

His other 4H projects are ~
Photography (almost done)
Dogs (Wed nights, then show on Aug)
Shooting Sports: Air Rifle, Air Pistol, .22 Rifle (Tue nights then competition in July)
Consumer Savvy
Financial Champions
Fooods & Nutrition: Cookies
Heritage Arts: Needlework
Ceramics (if our ceramics leader can ever get through the snow to her shed before he goes to KS for the summer!!!)
Bicycle (done)

More to come...........

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