Monday, December 17, 2007

Soldier Cards & Stockings and a Great Give~Away!!!

I know it's been a long time since we made these (Nov 9 to be exact!), I am slow on the posting lately. This is a wonderful time of year but also a very hectic and busy time of year!!

Our 4H club has begun a tradition of making Christmas/Holiday Stockings for Marines who are stuck on base (illness, injury or out-processing) during the holidays. They are not allowed to travel home for the holidays, so the Marine Moms Online group has a great Holiday project every year and we help out by making stockings. This was our second year. Here are some of the stockings.

These were made by Arielle (11) and Breonna (13) Clark and their mom Deanna.

These are the ones I made with a little help from my son Ryan(13).

These were made by Rebecca (15), Cassandra (13) and Victoria (18) Petty and their mom Francie (our 4H club leader).

After we finished 152 stockings, we set to work on making hand stamped cards. One for each stocking! This project is very near and ear to our hearts as we have several people with service members in their family within our club, as well as myself being a veteran.

Here's Ryan starting on his cards.

He really enjoyed my military stamps from Crazy Mountain Stamps .

He used the Marine ones with gusto!! I was sooo proud of him for jumping in with all of us girls!!!
Speaking of crafty sons, Erika over at Stamping Mama Designs is helping to host One of the BIGGEST Give-Aways EVER! This is a 9 x 12 inch work on a canvas wrapped frame done with acrylics and is signed on the back by Zach (her son) himself!!! This is all being done to help promote a great Autism charity - Autism Support Daily . Some of you may know that I was a para professional for an autistic first grader when I first moved to Colorado. I really loved that job!! I love working with differently abled people - they are such a blessing!!! My grandmother who raised me was a foster home for "handicapped" children for 34 years. I was blessed to grow up around some of the most wonderful children anyone could ever know!!

So, get on over there and support Autism Education!!!!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming :)

The cards we made.........
will have to wait. I have to go return my rental car (yet another story) - I will post the cards later, I promise!!!


  1. oh my...what a job, but what a wonderfull idea!! God bless your kindness!

  2. what a wonderful idea!
    Merry Christmas :)

    I tagged you :)

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  3. Hi!
    The moneybags are so easy to make! Just cut some paper, fold it in the middle, glue the sides together and your ready!